Discovering the chasms of la Febró

After having a nice and pleasant conversation with Marc de las Heras about one of his favourites places in Catalunya, we have decided to go and see with our own eyes this amazing part of our country, well worth to be part of an Indiana Jones film. We wanted to dig into caves and walk surrounded by tall… View Article

Touching the sky: Observatories and planetariums

We’re back to night outings! Being honest, it’s too hot during the day to do anything else a part from lying on the beach close to the water’s edge or under the shade of a tree, if you are lucky enough to be on holidays. So this week’s recommendation is to make the most of… View Article

Via Ferrata above the sea: Cala Molí (St. Feliu de Guíxols)

When the warm weather finally arrives, we all like to spend time outdoors. Our recommendation this time is to get initiated, if you aren’t already, into a “Via Ferrata”. It was a great idea! The via ferrata, whose origin comes from the Dolomites in Italy where it was used for military purposes, is a route… View Article

Sea swimming lanes over the Catalan coast

If none of our latest recommended routes has convinced you or if you think it’s still too hot to go for a walk on the mountains, this recommendation might be the one for you. The sea swimming lanes, extended all over the Catalan coast, are different marine itineraries, running parallel to the coastal paths, clearly marked and… View Article

Ready for Summer?

Although summer does not officially start until next week, the heat has settled over our country a few weeks ago, with the intention to stay for many days. And nights! There are plenty of options to enjoy the almost 600 kilometres of coastline during summertime. And we do not pretend to make a list with… View Article

Catalunya: Land of Witches

Halloween is coming and as temperatures are still mild enough to enjoy an outdoor day, we have decided to visit some of the best known land of witches. Did you know that the oldest written testimony of the witches hunt in all Europe was found in Catalunya? It dates from 1424 and who signs this new ordinance was the… View Article

We have sold our soul to the devil!: Devil’s bridge in Catalunya

We all have heard about “Devil’s bridge” at any point but, are we all talking about the same bridge? How many devil’s bridges are there in Catalunya? Have you ever heard their legend? Trying to answer all this questions we have come across a lot of routes crossing one bridge or another at any point…. View Article

Travelling along our industrial legacy: Industrial Tourism in Catalunya

Another way to discover the history of Catalunya is visiting some of the multiple well preserved buildings from our industrial legacy. There are plenty of options available: Mines, old factories reconverted into museums, old factories still producing, industrial colonies  … and some of the visits will also include a tour to the surroundings that will let us discover the landscape; or… View Article

Masons in Barcelona

Our first recommendation for this literary week, is a historic route on Barcelona. Some of you may know by heart the main places of Barcelona. The city centre, the Gothic quarter, the commercial areas, … are some of the best known places in the city, for residents but also for tourists. But, have you ever stopped to… View Article

A day in La Garrotxa: Volcanoes Route

Making the most to our visit to the cooperative La Fageda, we have decided to spend the day in the area and stroll around, to visit once more the best exponent of volcanic landscape in the whole country. A spectacular scenery of over 15.000 hectares. The Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa has 28… View Article

Water Routes in Catalunya

If our recommendation last week was the tren dels llacs, which offers several options to enjoy the views and aquatic activities in rivers, lakes, dams, … this week we go a step further recommending the best routes for those of you who want to enjoy the water as the main point of the excursion. There are… View Article

On rails: Catalunya by train

Do you know you can enjoy a ride on some of the original trains that were once used to transport coal and cement? Several organizations are working to restore those trains and railways, offering touristic train trips along some of the best hidden places of Catalunya, including guided tours and historic explanations to make the… View Article

Routes 1714

If you are interested in discover the main places of the Spanish Succession War, visiting fortresses and defensive monuments or see the impact of the war in the different towns, this article is for you. The Generalitat de Catalunya has come up with different Routes, to commemorate the Tricentenari, with different recommendations such as the first town… View Article

Discover Cardona

Mountain trails, urban walks, history, culture, gastronomy … Whatever you are planning for the weekend, there is only one place that hast it all: Cardona. A must see this year, commemorating the 300th anniversary of the end of the War of the Spanish Succession. No matter your politic preferences or orientation, Cardona is well worth… View Article

Lleida “Persecuted and Saved”

If you love the mountain you will love this recommendation. Grab a backpack and make the most of the exceptional mountains and valleys that form our country. The proposal comes from the Diputació de Lleida under the name “Persecuted and Saved” and allows walking along some of the mountain paths that cross the Pyrenees that… View Article

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