First step: Pack your suitcase

Starting from the beginning, the first stressful thing, even before starting your holidays, is to pack all your stuff. And it doesn’t matter if we go to the beach, to the neighbour village or to the other side of Catalunya or the world. We all want to take the smallest suitcase, because we don’t want to… View Article

Express Recommendation: Guide with basic conversations

This week we would like to recommend you another application. But this is not any App. This is one of this tools that you would like to keep forever and that you would delete even when you have to clean some of the downloaded items on your mobile phone. If you are in Catalunya and want to… View Article

Express Recommendation: Beach conditions

Today that the weather has decided to let us enjoy summer and the incredible beaches of Catalunya, at least for a few days, we want to share with you a useful tool to avoid last minute surprises. We are talking about the website of the Generalitat de Catalunya where we can find the latest information regarding the… View Article

Express Recommendation: Montseny Space – Viladrau

The  Montseny Space in Viladrau is a spectacular and thought-provoking visitors’ centre to delve into tales and legends of witchcraft and banditry The luxuriant forests of Montseny provided the backdrop for stories of legendary characters such as the bandit Serrallonga, mythical creatures such as water-women and the Viladrau witches, who were persecuted and even executed during… View Article

The value of work and will: Cooperative La Fageda

Talking about non-profit organizations in Catalunya, one of the best national and internationally known, and the best considered is the cooperative La Fageda. Created in 1982, this social cooperative offers and excellent opportunity for the labor and social integration, to those suffering from intellectual disability or mental disorders. The brand image, sign of quality and… View Article

The value of wool: Obrador Xisqueta

The Obrador Xisqueta was born in 2008 as a non-profit association, with the aim to raise the value of the wool of the sheep Xisqueta, a local breed of sheep . The main activity of this association is to buy the wool of these animals for an appropriate price, to allow the shepherds to continue doing… View Article

Express Recomendation: Water Mine

What about a recommendation of a guided visit for free? If you are like our interviewee this month, and love to take a look inside caves, we have the ideal recommendation for you. On Tuesday we recommended several routes to walk or ride (ojo falta link al post de rutas) to enjoy some of the best lakes, rivers, dams… View Article

Express Recommendation: Museu del Ferrocarril

We have been this whole week writing about trains, used not only as a mean, but as an experience in itself. Our last recommendation will let you discover all the secrets and hidden stories that can be found among antique carriages and rails. We are talking about the Museu del Ferrocarril de Catalunya, which is located… View Article

Express Recommendation: App Barcelona 1714

Our best recommendation if you want to discover the history of Barcelona in a pleasant and entertaining way is to download the application Barcelona 1714 (available for apple and android). If we have earlier recommended an application with routes and resources all over Catalunya, this one will let you discover the role of the city during the Spanish Succession War and… View Article

Sunglasses or Umbrella?: Weather information

One of the main concerns before going on holidays is the weather. What will the weather be like? Will it rain? Could we go to the beach? Could we make routes? Will it be cold? The weather affects the decisions we take when packing our luggage, and can determine all our trip if we are not aware… View Article

Types of travellers: Being informed or getting lost

There are many different types of travellers: the adventurous, who will join any route only if a professional guide goes with them; the braves, which can start a route on their own, but without leaving the marked path; and the non-conformists, who will start any route, take the first shortcut out of curiosity and end up discovering the best… View Article

Express Recommendation: Trekking in Lleida

A few days ago we were talking about the project named “Persecuted and saved” that was being developed in the Pyrenee with the intention to recover the paths used by the Jewish refugees through the mountains of Lleida. The four itineraries that have been finally recovered, chosen among the more than 20 routes used, are now properly identified including useful information, antique… View Article

Geocaching: Looking for treasures!

Despite the huge amount of routes available and the amazing landscapes that we can find without even leaving the country, and despite the natural parks and cultural options waiting to be visit, we sometimes need an extra motivation to go on an excursion or to try an unknown route. And that is why this week we… View Article

Express Recommendation: Microcatalunya

If you avoid as much as possible crowded places, if you want to run away from the city for a few days or if you want to visit a different place of the country, where you will probably have never been before, we have the best recommendation for your summer holidays (or weekends). The website Microcatalunya has… View Article

Express Recommendation: Girona In

If you want to make sure you are not missing any event in Girona or if you are planning to visit the town, this recommendation is for you. Girona in is an application available for mobile devices and promoted by the Ajuntament de Girona, offering plenty of useful information which can be reviewed from everywhere…. View Article

Express Recommendation: 13 routes – 31 proposals

Our recommendation this time is dedicated to all mountain lovers. “13 routes – 31 proposals” is a spectacular mountain guidebook, suitable even for those of you who aren’t familiarized with the surroundings, including routes all over Catalunya. Either the website, from where to check and prepare all the routes; and the guidebook, really useful on… View Article

Express Recommendation: Hiking, Trail Biking & Running

We have come upon a recommendation from the Campsites Association in Lleida. Their website proposes a varied choice of routes, divided into three sections: mountain biking, hiking and trail running, suitable for every taste and capability. The proposed routes have as a starting point any of the campsites belonging to the Association, but this starting… View Article

Google Maps and time travel

If you have always wanted to time travel but you are feeling too lazy to move from the sofa, now you have chance to do it. If you are such a fan of google and its continuous changes and innovations in their services as we are, you may have realized that from google maps you… View Article

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